Tune in Together

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Ando patrullando y en una mancha me miran

La chimichanga tengo mi gavilla

Soy escorpión 9 pa' toda mi raza

Artesanal es el blindaje y no traspasa

Que ando laborando y que la ando gozando

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Dulce María Lujan's avatar
Dulce María Lujan
this song always reminds me of the good times I spent with my family during the winter vacations.
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Antonio Solalinde's avatar
Antonio Solalinde
The lyrics of this song are quite basic and tasteless. It does not manage to convey any strong emotion
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Ignacio Espinoza's avatar
Ignacio Espinoza
I love how it makes you feel like you're floating in another dimension #sc9.
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Gus Xts's avatar
Gus Xts
A cool b
Melinda de Mattos's avatar
Melinda de Mattos
There's something in the chorus of this song that makes me feel connected to my more rebellious side.
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Laura Figueroa's avatar
Laura Figueroa
I'm not a music expert, but the audio quality in this song is impressive. It feels clear and carefully recorded.
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Josué Camargo's avatar
Josué Camargo
Clingy rhythm and touching lyrics!
777ㅤJORG3ㅤ⁂'s avatar
good song you got chigon
~🥷MANUEL🥷~🥷ARMANDO🥷~'s avatar
the ISO but reynita broke it
Benício Alencar's avatar
Benício Alencar
This rolita is really to be enjoyed in the car! The rhythm is very tasty and the lyrics are very lightened.
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