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Essa noite tive um sonho perfeito

Acordei salivando seu beijo

Eu já sei o que eu quero aprontar, oh, oh, oh, oh

O horário pode ser depois das nove

Se preocupa não que eu mando alok

Hoje a gente faz o vidro embaçar

Eu não esqueço da gente no chão

No sofá, no colchão

Quero sentir sua respiração

Minha cama está pedindo uma repetição

Ainda bem que eu te conheci

Ainda bem que a gente fez amor

Seu corpo soado em cima do meu

Aí aí combinou

Ainda bem que eu te conheci

Ainda bem tu virou meu amor

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Virou Love

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bro, very top! The beat is one that sticks to the head and when he realizes it, he is already singing non-stop. The lyrics are so deep, they bring reflections on life and the love he even gives to feel a tightness in his chest. Without a doubt one of the best songs I've ever heard
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very top! The voice is completely immersive and the dance makes you want to dance crazy. I gotd in the lyrics and couldn't stop humming the melody the rest of the day. I will definitely put this song on my playlist to listen to whenever I need to raise my spirits.
cornellbesser's avatar
hell, amazing! Thes are so addictive and the chorus makes me want to sing along every time. The lyrics are deep and make me feel funny. I always feel good when I listen to this song, like everything around me just disappears and transports me to another place.
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the music of my current single moment 🤩
Bruno_Machado's avatar
oh, this song is so cute! The dance is engaging and I already start dancing without realizing it. The chorus is sticky and won't get out of my head. I love the contagious energy that Melody and Mari Fernandez transmit in this song. It's to listen and go dancing, non-stop! 😍🎶
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I found Virou Love very similar to other songs in the genre, with nothing to differentiate it. It didn't mark me or cause me any particular emotion
Fernanda_Rodrigues's avatar
an addiction! The rhythm is contagious and Melody's voice is perfect. Thanks to the positive vibe of the lyrics, it makes you want to dance and sing along!
Gabriela_Rodrigues's avatar
the song Virou Love by Melody, Mari Fernandez brings back good memories of my adolescence. The chorus is bubblegum and I always catch myself singing along. I like the dance and the lyrics that speak of a love that turned upside down
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Sandy Cardozo
💜there's a partnership that worked very well, Mari Fernandez and Melody, wonderful at this song 💜
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Willame Vinicius Emi
I'm already liking this song 😍 top of over
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Clark Henrique
hey, good feat, didn't expect
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wonderful ❤️❤️❤️
MarceloRibeiro's avatar
I'll never get tired of this song, every time I listen I feel like I have a new energy in my vein! The vocal is amazing and the beat is in my head!
ੌMcͥ MͣVͫ ﹄'s avatar
ੌMcͥ MͣVͫ ﹄
Melody 🤤
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