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Não foi na hidromassagem

The person you were kissing wasn't me

And I would never ask you

I just kept it to myself

I don't wanna know

If you're playing me

Keep it on the low

Cause my heart can't take it anymore

And if you creeping

Please don't let it show

Oh baby, I don't wanna know

Não foi nem hidromassagem

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Não Foi na Hidromassagem

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yaay😻's avatar
it's not even fake kkk this song is crazy in the soul kkk despite the lyrics that TMB is great kk the melody and the beats so 😻🤌🤌🤌🤌
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victor_machado's avatar
top too! When I start listening, it cheers me up, you know? And the lyrics talk about everyday things that everyone has been through, so I identify myself a lot. Not to mention that dance is addictive, I can't stop humming for nothing!
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lawaynelovelace's avatar
sensational, you know? there's no way you can't not feel good listening to it. it's a mixture of rhythms that makes you want to move your body. and the lyrics are amazing, they talk about overcoming and willpower. I always play this song when I need motivation
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muscle tp
aricpound's avatar
man, this song took me by surprise! I had never listened before, but I found the dance super immersive and the lyrics very interesting. I just missed more variation in the instrumentals, but that doesn't take away merit. I'll definitely take a look at other songs after this one.
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Camila_Oliveira_o's avatar
it doesn't get out of my head! I love how the dance stays in my mind and how funny the lyrics are. It's impossible not to want to dance to the sound of It Wasn't in the Hydromassage!
railemery4's avatar
, this dance is too much! Mc Kn bh and MC Shanghai rocked this song! I didn't know it before, but it has already become one of my favorites in the app!
Thiago_Nunes's avatar
it wasn't at the Hydromassage it brings me a pleasant longing for fun moments with friends, at parties and at parties. I love the dance and relaxed lyrics of the music, which always cheers me up when I listen. It's one of my favorites!
kerrybaztami's avatar
I didn't like this song very much, I found it a bit unfunny and I couldn't feel a connection with the lyrics or dance
sangmintalledo's avatar
bro, this song by MC Kn bh and MC Shanghai is chilling! There's no way to stand still when the beat starts! The way they rhyme the words and do those awesome is out of this world!
brunao_santista's avatar
Man, addict! I'm listening straight!
mariana_s's avatar
this song has an incredible vibe, every time I listen it transports me to another place! The instruments are too much, and the lyrics are so deep.. I love it!
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Claudio Filho
kkkk who uses teeth?
tyarlesdavila's avatar
It's just lead in the chest 🙅🏽
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