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Olha que eu tenho, eu tenho que me decidir

Eu tenho que me decidir

Se eu desapego, se eu te nego

Se eu vou te levar daqui

Eu tenho que me decidir

Se der minha hora, eu vou sumir

É que tem muita grana me esperando

Eu não posso me distrair

Fala, quem que te machuca

No sofá da sala, te deixa maluca?

Te deixa sem nada, te deixa sem fala

Eu tenho certeza que sem mim fica sem graça

Quando o t**o passa

Eu vejo que eu amo mais o dinheiro que ela

Que mina cavala, eu vou precisar de uma sela

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Tenho que Me Decidir

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bro, fuck! I can't stop listening, the beat is too heavy and the lyrics are very real. I get too hyped when I listen, feeling like the owner of flow. If I release more sounds like that, I'm in!
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very addictive! dance one of those that doesn't come out of our minds, you know? I had to listen three times in a row because I just couldn't stop. The lyrics are very beautiful too, they talk about things that people don't usually pay much attention to, but that are important.
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That sound is total vibe! The beats make me want to dance non-stop and the lyrics are so deep, they make me feel every word in my soul
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🎵🎶🎶very good 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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ours it got really good ksksk
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Danilo Oliveira
Look I have to decide 🎧😎
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Danilo Oliveira
From the time 😎🫶
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João Matheus
I didn't decide in time 😕🥹😔
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bro because Will is in the music vei
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Thurzinn. 59D
to tell you the truth Felipe Amorim spoiled Msc
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Gabriel Miazzo
people where is the original music in this app???
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asmeiiiiii I'm so happy
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this one got good
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Thaiago Manoel
you have to decide what style of music will put this song
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please someone help this man he HAS to make up his mind 🤣
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Rivia Santos
amei 😍
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Mary lima
that's right
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