Tune in Together

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Nós pode não ser bonito

Mas a gente beija bem (e beija bem, e beija bem)

E que dinheiro nós não tem

E nós não tem, nós não tem

Andam falam por aí que eu não sou nada bonito

Quem foi que disse que eu me preocupo com isso

Beleza não põe na mesa

E todo mundo sabe disso

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Beija Bem

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Bro, this song is too much dough! I was by its arrangement and vibe. I can't stop listening, I already put it on my playlist! it sent too much on this one! It's one of those songs that make you feel good and dance crazy, you know? I look forward to discovering more of this crazy guy's sounds!
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very top! The instrumentals are amazing and the lyrics are very captivating. When I hear this song, I feel like I'm flying. The voice is so smooth and pure that it makes me feel so happy. Whenever I'm discouraged, I play this song and everything is fine!
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pure love! The dance is engaging and the vocals are chilling It always takes me to a happy place and makes me thank you for life.
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Afonso Ramos
and good more have to pay
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the music has a nice dance and engaging lyrics, but I found the voice a little monotonous in some parts
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I was enjoying that sound when my dad tried to get into the room and I pretended I was sleeping. But I forgot to turn off the sound
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reminded me of happy moments of the past. The lyrics and arrangement moved me a lot and transported me to another time and place.
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Heraldo Barbosa Dos
At first I thought it was Gustavo Lima kkkk
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Tattoo of the long arrocha you will meet
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And another I am a musician too
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Moss your songs is top
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well recommended but we kiss well
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