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Aê Leo lg e faísca é assim oh

(Toma, toma porradeiro de leve)

Desde que aprendi viver no off

Eu virei outro, ninguém estraga corre

Ninguém sabe as p**a que eu me envolvo

Tive que colar no baile, que coisa louca

Minhas mulher presente e nenhuma sabe da outra

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Marcha e Boa

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BeatrizMendes's avatar
amazing! I didn't know before, but I've become a fan. dance is contagious, impossible not to dance. The voice is powerful and conveys a lot of emotion. I've already added it to my playlist and I'll listen again and again. I just don't give five stars because I found the lyrics a little.
_isabelaSilva's avatar
man, what a cool sound! so cool, the lyrics are super deep and the dance won't let me stand still. I can relate to the message, you know? And the vocalist's timbre is unique, it gives me a good, peaceful vibe. There's no way to be sad listening to it, then he just wants to dance and sing along
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Raquel_Fernandes92's avatar
so addictive! the guitar footprint and the lyrics that can be both deep and dancing
Gui 💸's avatar
Gui 💸
this is going to be a work
LuizFernando_1991's avatar
reminds me of childhood parties, when we danced to the floor without worrying about anything. I love the lively dance and the lyrics that don't come out of my head. One of my favorites for sure!
Lucas_Alves's avatar
I didn't like Marcha e Boa very much. I find the dance a little monotonous and the lyrics didn't get much attention. It's not the best, but you can hear it from time to time.
Isabela.Rodrigues's avatar
take the flow of the song, just vibe good! Perfect beat, lyrics that make you sing everything and dance to the floor. Mc's busting, Dj sending a lot!
Rafael_Silva's avatar
Bro, I was listening to March and Boa so loudly I scared the cat and he ran like the Flash. I laughed so hard, this song is fucking!
roelsalwey's avatar
too much! I hum to her all the time. The beat and lyrics stick to her head, a delight to march with her. DJ Leo LG and MC Rick rocked!
shedrickflores's avatar
then, too angry! Dj Leo Lg, Mc Rick, Mc Leozin and Dj Faisca worked hard to produce this crazy march that you can't stand still. It can't be denied, the beat is engaging and the MCs' rhymes are too much. I love that song, bug!
Rafael_Lima's avatar
the dance and the rhythmic verses of Marcha and Boa make me want to dance non-stop! The instrumental is powerful and the MCs are very good. I loved it!
Mariana_Alves_7's avatar
the dance is engaging and makes the music lively. The DJ did a great job with the mixes. However, the lyrics didn't bother me much and got
Denver's avatar
"work of art."..
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