Tune in Together

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Aguas calientes se puso el terreno un rato

Más no se asusten, llegaron los vatos

Equipo grande, buenos aparatos

Que empiece el juego jefes contra gatos

Los plebes saben hacer bien su jale

Tiran a dar entrenados ya salen

La vida es una y saben que aquí vale

Los paran, los ven y les dicen dale

Cuatro letras se ven en los chalecos

150 y más cuidan al viejo

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Francisco Lopez's avatar
Francisco Lopez
This song is an emotional journey that takes you from melancholy to euphoria. A roller coaster of emotions on every beat
Mariah de Camargo's avatar
Mariah de Camargo
This song is perfect for a peaceful sunset, it transports me to a place of and comfort.
Aurora de Figueiredo's avatar
Aurora de Figueiredo
The lyrics of this song are so good that I can't stop listening to them over and over again; I love its narrative and witty style.
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María Jesús Vasquez's avatar
María Jesús Vasquez
reminds me of my childhood in Mexico
Agatha da Gama's avatar
Agatha da Gama
This song is like a virtual hug!
Rafael Ambrosini's avatar
Rafael Ambrosini
I can't believe the vibe of this song, can I?
Ana maria Salinas's avatar
Ana maria Salinas
Reminds me of the past, I love the beat
Natalia Enriquez's avatar
Natalia Enriquez
I like its sticky rhythm
Maria da Rocha's avatar
Maria da Rocha
reminds me of my family and our love for music.
Larissa de Paiva's avatar
Larissa de Paiva
reminds me of important moments in my life
Elena Montes's avatar
Elena Montes
This song has a unique style. The melody may not be conventional, but it has its charm and the lyrics are interesting. The instrumentation could be more varied, but overall I liked it.
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Maria Alice Correia's avatar
Maria Alice Correia
It reminds me of afternoons with my friends.
Pilar Antonio's avatar
Pilar Antonio
Reminds me of summer nights with friends
Chloe de Miranda's avatar
Chloe de Miranda
Reminds me of the old days with friends
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