Tune in Together

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Cuando unos van por la leche

Yo vendí todos los quesos

Tengo largo el colmillo

Y en caliente los detecto

Cambiaron las intenciones

Cuando vieron los billetes

Y hoy llegaron los lambiscones

Y me salieron parientes

Chinguen a su madre

Como no estuvieron

Cuando me partí la madre

Y ahora todos quieren una rebanada

De mi pastel

Abren el hocico

Dicen que ayudaron

Que ayudaron pura verga

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Maite Cipriano's avatar
Maite Cipriano
This song is like a musical hug that comforts you and makes you feel that everything will be fine, it wraps you in an atmosphere of peace and serenity! #C.H.S.M.
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Manuela Andrade
The lyrics of this song are like a mantra that helps you find peace and serenity in the midst of chaos. Every word resonates with harmony and calm, guiding you to a state of balance and harmony in times.
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Sebastián Sánchez's avatar
Sebastián Sánchez
With this song, it's impossible not to feel the chinita skin and the hair standing on end, do you follow me? It thrills you and makes you feel alive.
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Nuria Palacios
The melody of this song is simply captivating. From the first measure, it wraps you in its charm and transports you to a world of emotions #C.H.S.M.
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Jose Ignacio Salas
This song is like a burst of energy that envelops you and takes you on a journey full of excitement and joy, it is impossible to resist its contagious rhythm!
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