Tune in Together

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Pa ser alguien en las calles

Hay que ganarse el respeto

Para subir escalones

Hay que mantener el puesto

Aquí no hay que ser confiado

Pero si hay que ser violento

En unos jales discreto

Llego y arremango el cerco

Gente de respeto somos

Nada más para que sepan

Y soy el que trae el mando

Aquel que le gustó la guerra

Soy serio, también calmado

Pero aquel que busca encuentra

Y donde ando me pusieron

A cargo de una encomienda

Traigo la camisa puesta

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En las Calles

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Ernesto Fernández's avatar
Ernesto Fernández
The lyrics of this song are so deep and touching that it makes you reflect on life. It is like a balm to the soul
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Luiz Felipe Cabral's avatar
Luiz Felipe Cabral
What a talent this artist has for creating music that resonates so deeply with my being! His ability to express the deepest and most complex emotions takes me breathless, taking me on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
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Nicole de Barros's avatar
Nicole de Barros
The singer's voice has a hypnotic quality that captures me from the first second. It's as if every note resonates in my soul and awakens emotions I didn't even know I had!
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Carlos Sánchez's avatar
Carlos Sánchez
The melody is like a fairy dance in the forest, full of magic and mystery, which transports you to another world. It is a charming experience that makes you lose track of time.
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Pablo Gutierrez's avatar
Pablo Gutierrez
The melody of this song is pleasant, but the lyrics seem a bit basic to me. Although the instrumentation is solid, the lack of depth in the lyrics does not shock me emotionally.
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Ruben Castro's avatar
Ruben Castro
I love how this music transports me to a positive mood full of joy, it's just contagious.
Juan Perez's avatar
Juan Perez
Her voice in this song is so emotional and expressive that every note makes me feel the same way she does. It's a deep connection through music.
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Ravi Abreu Lisboa's avatar
Ravi Abreu Lisboa
This song always makes me feel like I'm in a dream world, with music transporting me to magical and magical places #EnlasCalles.
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Maria Teresa Zamora's avatar
Maria Teresa Zamora
The singer's voice in this song is a great repertoire that caresses my soul and fills me with a feeling of peace and well-being, as if I were beingd in the arms of music.
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