Tune in Together

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Una noche oscura muy inesperada

Ay descansa una persona importante

Era un jefe de la mafia y hoy es uno de los grandes

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Verónica Reyes's avatar
Verónica Reyes
What a great vibe! The melody is catchy and the lyrics are authentic. The instrumentation has a unique vibe, it's one of those songs that bring a smile to your face for no reason at all.
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Clara de Matos's avatar
Clara de Matos
This song always makes me feel as if I were in an unknown place, surrounded by mountains and rivers.
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Antônio Barcellos's avatar
Antônio Barcellos
I was captivated by this melody! Its beauty and originality left me impressed. The voice has a unique warmth that completely surrounds you. It is like an oasis of serenity in the midst of chaos.
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Maria Liz de Deus's avatar
Maria Liz de Deus
It reminds me of those special moments.
Karen Fernández's avatar
Karen Fernández
What an enveloping song! Its melody traps you in a magical atmosphere, while the lyrics whisper to the soul. The brilliant instrumentation immerses you in a perfect harmony with the universe.
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Maria Helena de Oliveira's avatar
Maria Helena de Oliveira
This music makes me feel euphoric!
Louise de Maia's avatar
Louise de Maia
reminds me of good times with friends in my neighborhood.
Luna da Silva's avatar
Luna da Silva
reminds me of my childhood in Mexico City.
Isabelly de Almeida's avatar
Isabelly de Almeida
It reminds me of my friends, we always played it.
Laís de Chaves's avatar
Laís de Chaves
I love that song, it reminds me of my childhood and my family.
Cristian Chavez's avatar
Cristian Chavez
The lyrics of this song are very introspective and intellectual, I love how it delves into deep and meaningful themes.
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María Isabel Gallegos's avatar
María Isabel Gallegos
It makes me want to stop worrying for a while and just enjoy
Daniela Peralta's avatar
Daniela Peralta
reminds me of good times with my friends!
Celia Saucedo's avatar
Celia Saucedo
What memories, I love that song
Malu de Matos's avatar
Malu de Matos
a song that makes you feel as if you were in a
Carla Tellez's avatar
Carla Tellez
A unique mix of electronic sounds that transports you to a futuristic and fascinating world. A unique listening experience #fugadeljefe
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