Tune in Together

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Ei, te chamei aqui pra conversar

Só pra eu me reapresentar

É que você me transformou num cara eu não era

Reclamava do volume do meu som

O filme que eu escolhia nunca tava bom

Cê foi mudando a minha identidade

Eu me afastei do que eu sou de verdade, mas chega

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larissa_carvalho_musica's avatar
simply amazing, it makes me feel a Caribbean energy mixed with smooth jazz vibes. Also, the lyrics are very poetic and the beats are contagious. This song takes me to a paradisiacal beach where I can relax and feel the sea breeze. I love it too much!
kasyahmehic's avatar
My god, I can't stop listening to this song! The dance is so immersive that it makes my body move unintentionally. The lyrics are a bit, but I think that's what makes me even more by the track. I am already indicating that all my friends listen to
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renata_sousa's avatar
an addiction The lyrics sometimes give me goosebumps and the dance is very contagious I've heard it a lot of times and I still haven't been seasick, really!
JulianaLopeS2's avatar
too much dough, it looks like the lyrics were made for me!
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