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For a while there it was rough

But lately I've been doin' better

Than the last four cold Decembers I recall

And I see my family every month

I found a girl my parents love

She'll come and stay the night

And I think I might have it all

And I thank God every day

For the girl

He sent my way

But I know the things

He gives me

He can take away

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Beautiful Things

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I love this song very much and very good bro it makes me want to dance crazy finally the best song in the world for me
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Maria soledad Leal's avatar
Maria soledad Leal
The lyrics are fine, but the music doesn't do it justice. There is a lack of cohesion that bothers
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I loved this song 😍 not once has it been played that I haven't stopped to listen ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Edinho Silva
good vibes
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JOANA Rafaela
❤️❤️❤️ The greatest voice ever ❤️❤️❤️ Benson Boone ❤️🐞💯🎹🎸🇺🇸👏👏👏🌹🇧🇷🐞💯
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Juan Ignacio Mejía
I love how the singer plays with different musical styles and genres to create a more diverse and richer listening experience.
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Gabriela De Angeli's avatar
Gabriela De Angeli
The guitar sounds out of tune at various points in the song. I find it to listen to
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gregnet658's avatar
too much, man! The lyrics are super deep, they really touch the soul. The rhythm is contagious, it makes you want to dance crazy. This is without a doubt one of my favorite songs. Every time I listen, I feel such a positive energy that it makes me happy!
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Alif's avatar
Benson Boone s Beautiful Things, the vibe is so nice and the sound is so soft.
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Francisco Bernardi
This song has a vibe that makes me feel like I'm at a party all night long.
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Bro, Benson Boone's Beautiful Things song is so good! I really like the lyrics and Benson's really good voice. Fun fact, this song was a trending success on TikTok! Slaps!
Zoe de Magalhães's avatar
Zoe de Magalhães
seems to be struggling to get to the high notes, which makes the song sound a bit unpleasant to the audition.
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Howard445's avatar
Boone's vocals are so smooth and the lyrics really speak to my heart. Absolutely in love with this track! let me feel so comfortable when listening
Julia Owens's avatar
Julia Owens
Beautiful Things reminds me of the time when I found out that my childhood friend passed away. It's hard to accept that we lost someone but I'm grateful for the beautiful memories we created together. Thank you, Benson Boone. ✨🎶
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Mainstay 🔥
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Chris Mendes312
I love this song... Voice...metals...perfect! I always hear on my long roads❤️
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Stéfhanni Rodrigues
I always listen in my days a little sad, I like it and it amazes any silence ❤️😊
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I love this song, it brings a good feeling.
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saya manusia
Bring back our Spirit to work . energize song
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Ana Melissa Rambo
too beautiful
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