Tune in Together

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You are the love

You are the love of my life (precious little baby)

I dedicate my love to you

You are my child, oh

My child (yeah, woah)

I'm pourin' up Wocky in Greece

I came a long way from the east

She leavin' her cream on the sheets

My brother say he want a niece

When I'm with you, it's a safe space

Baby, you bringin' me peace

You know how it get in the streets

Ain't none of it shallow, it's deep


I wanna cuddle for weeks

Your mama'nem think that you innocent

I know you turn into a freak

Don't really care about your exes

Whatever it is, it could be

They playin', I'm makin 'em see

I know you swingin' them h**s like the D

I had to comb out the dreads

She fell in love with the braids

Gutter b**h, she cook and clean

And she'll load up the Ks

Your body got me in a daze

It don't matter the look, you get slayed

Her face card never decline

Man, f**k all that makeup, you fine

Better tell all them niggas you mine

She a dollar, way more than a dime

When I'm with you, I get nervous

It gotta be love, it's a sign


I don't care where we goin', I'm ridin'

f**k what you bring to the table

'Cause bae you the table, I'm eatin', let's dine (oh-oh)

You know you my baby, you know you my twin

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Julia Owens
Prove It just has a vibe that you cant help but feel. Its the perfect song to vibe out to with friends on a summer night.
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Yo, 21 and Summer are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go so well together! Prove it made me believe in love again #PhenomenalCollab
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Mason ye
I never thought I would be a fan of rap music but Prove It has completely changed my mind. 21 Savage and Summer Walker are a match made in heaven.
$NAN$'s avatar
Makes me wanna sing loudly
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This song is amazing
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ava shirley
Making my heart happy! 💖
brooke's avatar
Love the fresh sound
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Max baby
Love the rhythm, so lively
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love the rhythm, so smooth
Billiebillie's avatar
Can't stop singing along
kerrie❤️‍🔥's avatar
This song is a vibe and a half! 🌈
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perfect for a date night
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TN Cold🖤
this song makes me smile
lilnick's avatar
Makes me feel like I can do anything
Lola❤️'s avatar
has a feel-good vibe to it
Toya020's avatar
lyrics are meaningful and relatable
aaarronn's avatar
good vibes, puts me in a good mood
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This song hits different at 3am with the lights off. Prove it is my new go-to song when I need to escape reality for a bit.
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massa! O beat é envolvente e a letra é muito profunda Me sinto totalmente conectado quando ouço
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love the vibe, so carefree
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