Tune in Together

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Woah, woah, woah

Want it all, I won't leave a breadcrumb

B**h, what?

I thought a n**a said sum'

Thought a n**a said sum'

G Block, all we know is redrum

Redrum, redrum, redrum, redrum

G Block, all we know is redrum

Redrum, redrum, redrum, redrum

n**a, all we know is— (redrum)

Ridin' in the back, it's a May' (it's a May')

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man, too much! her melody is very addictive and the vocals are amazing. the lyrics are very original and I can barely avoid singing together every time she plays. I just love the dance of this song, it always makes me want to dance until the end of the night
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Ayla Coutinho
I love how it makes you feel that you can overcome any adversity in life.
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Ramón Suárez
this song always makes me feel like I'm at a party, with the music encouraging everyone to dance and sing #redrum
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codm moment🔥
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Yan Silva Madeira
chills that it saw 🥵
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Maria Eloá de Paula
I feel like the lyrics of this song don't make much sense. I find it hard to connect with them emotionally
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Redrum hits differently, makes me wanna hustle and never give up. Savage's flow is sick! #21Savage #Redrum #NeverGiveUp
rodrigo_van_acker's avatar
too much, has an infectious dance and lyrics that talk about love and overcoming. I always get excited when I listen to her, it's like I can conquer the world. The vocalist knows how to convey a lot of emotion with his voice, and the guitar gives that special touch. I love it!
Isabella.Oliveira's avatar
I loved the song he played in the shuffle! It's the kind of sound that makes me want to dance and sing loudly. The dance is immersive and the vocals are super expressive, making the lyrics even more impactful. I mostly liked the chorus, which is very striking and stuck in the mind. I will definitely add
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Maria soledad Leal
the voice is not strong enough on this rock. I find it hard to understand what he's saying sometimes #redrum
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Sarah de Azevedo Fernandes
The production on this song makes the instruments sound a bit boring and lifeless. There was a lack of imagination or creativity in its design.
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Cant stop singing redrum, redrum since I heard it. My coworkers think Im possessed. Shoutout to Joyner Lucas for haunting me with this banger! 🔥
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Redrum is the anthem of my playlist rn. Can't resist Savage's rawness and energy. #Bangers #21Savage #Redrum
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addictive! The chorus sticks to your head all day! Not to mention the lyrics that are so poetic!
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N- all we know is Redrum redrum redrum redrum🔥🔥
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DJ 7P👑
barely starts 2k24 and the 21 throws that stone
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21 is the brave!!
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sara 🌺
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#top very top very top! my favorite 😍
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