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Ahorita no estoy presenta más no se me olvida

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Cuando Andaba Recio (El Cholo)

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Consuelo Navarrete's avatar
Consuelo Navarrete
The melody of this song is so catchy it makes you want to dance anytime, anywhere, it's the perfect soundtrack for life! #CuandoAndabaRecio
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Miguel angel Diaz
The energy of this song is contagious. You can't help but catch on to its enthusiasm and let yourself be carried away by its vibrant rhythm.
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Samuel Albuquerque
This song is like an emotional journey that takes you to places you never imagined. It's like every note takes you closer to yourself.
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Maria Eloá de Paula
The melody of this song is so enveloping that it makes you forget the outside world. It's like a refuge where you can be yourself.
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Chloe de Miranda
This song has an energy that fills you with life from the first measure. It's like an explosion of joy that makes you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs #CuandoAndabaRecio.
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