Tune in Together

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Já pensou que constrangedor

Nós no quarto fazendo amor

Ele ligando, ligando, quebrando o clima

Cê tem passado pra passar pra frente ainda

Quem não bloqueia

Ainda espera uma mensagem, uma ligação

Só fala de tirar minha roupa

Quando cê tirar o resto dele do seu coração

Resolve seus B.O primeiro

Vamos adiando nosso beijo

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Resolve seus B.O (Ao Vivo)

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this song has a vibe that makes me want to dance non-stop! I love the lyrics, which are so inspiring and full of positive energy. The sound is perfect to liven up any party or day at the beach, and always makes me vibrant and happy. I can't resist this infectious dance
ahamedmattson's avatar
Bro, this song is really cool! I'm listening here on my playlist app and I can't stop dancing. The dance is contagious and the voice is amazing! I already knew the job, but this song exceeded my expectations. It's guaranteed in my list of favorites!
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pedro.almeida's avatar
amazing! dance makes me want to dance non-stop Lyrics are perfect, exciting and easy to connect I get goosebumps every time I hear
Giovanna.Lima's avatar
What a scare, I thought I was having in the street, but it was just the neighbor listening to loud music. think this song fit the occasion well hahaha
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