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É o Jaca-, Jaca-

É o Jacaré, Jacaré

Hoje eu desliguei meu celular

Ho-, ho-, hoje eu desliguei meu celular

Eu nunca vou casar

Eu só quero as p**a' e o combão

E eu vou vivendo a vida assim

Eu não nasci pra rua

Foi ela que nasceu pra mim

E se tu quer sentar

Eu, eu sou a sua escolha perfeita

Bebê, vem ni mim

Vai to-, vai tomar madeira, uhm

Me dá aquela sentada legal

Faz o, faz o movimento

(Chupa) encaixando no

Chupa (que é isso, mulher vai)

Baba e se lambuza

Fé pra tu maluca

Eu sou o cara que te usa (é o Jaca-, é o Jaca-)

É o Jacaré, Jacaré

Chupa (que é isso, mulher vai)

Baba e se lambuza

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Fé Pra Tu Maluca

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man, just amazing! The dance is so engaging that I never get tired of listening. Also, the lyrics have a deep and inspiring meaning. I can't explain how excited I feel every time I listen to this song. It's definitely one of my favorites!
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bro, very top! dance is contagious and I can't stand still when she plays. The lyrics are deep and speak straight to my heart. I always get goosebumps when I listen. It's definitely one of my favorites!
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man, this song has an amazing vibe! The dance just engages me and makes me want to dance non-stop. The vocal is also very good and sends a very positive message. I got hooked on that part of the chorus that is super contagious. I think this song can easily become a hit
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note I will give to your music is 100#
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Carla Victória
for me i would listen all day
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the strength and determination in MC Jacaré's voice in Fé pra tu Maluca motivated me not to give up on my dreams. The dance made me feel confident and willing to dance. The verses show that it is possible to overcome obstacles and move on.
rafael.silva's avatar
found the dance fun and engaging, but the lyrics are very vulgar and meaningless. It's not a song I would hear again, but I understand its appeal to some
gabriel.costa's avatar
I think Fé Pra Tu Maluca is a little forgettable song for me. It's not bad, but it doesn't catch my attention either. dance is common and the lyrics aren't very impressive.
lucas.lima's avatar
of the hour! It makes me want to dance until the sun comes up. dance is like an injection of energy and the chorus doesn't come out of my head. It was worth giving play
ritmosdobrasil's avatar
too much! I don't know what's in her that can't get out of my head. I love the way Mc Jacaré sings and the dance is very engaging. For me, it's the perfect soundtrack for any party!
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Man, Fé Pra Tu Maluca makes me wanna dance! Once I was listening to it so hard I almost missed my subway stop, had to run back like a crazy person 😂
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my friend, Fé Pra Tu Maluca is an anthem! This song makes me want to dance until the sun rises. The rhythm is contagious and the lyrics are really fun
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then what a desire to assemble an internal sloop and play jacare 🐊 😛👻
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essas batidas...faz a gente quicar até o chão.
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It never hurts to hear this song The chorus is hammering in the head all day! The lyrics, the melody and the dance are the best things ever!
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