Tune in Together

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Eu sou o brilho dos teus olhos ao me olhar

Sou o teu sorriso ao ganhar um beijo meu

Eu sou teu corpo inteiro a se arrepiar

Quando em meus braços você se acolheu

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Meu Eu em Você

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I thought it was nice to hear news, but this song didn't go down well with me. The lyrics are quite shallow and the dance is not original, it sounds a lot like others I've heard around. I know there are people who like this kind of sound, but for me it lacked creativity and depth.
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larissa_carvalho_musica's avatar
bro, sinister!! the way the vocalist sings is incredible, one that chills the soul. The instrumentals match perfectly, and the dance is addictive. I can't stop humming! The lyrics are super deep and make me reflect on life. I love it too much!
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pure vibe good! The dance is engaging, the lyrics are relaxed and make me feel light and happy. Every time he plays, I already start dancing without realizing it. It's impossible not to love that mix of rhythms and that smooth voice. It's music to listen to and feel good!
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nice d++++
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bro, this song Meu Eu em Sei by Zé Vaqueiro is so top notch! When the chorus starts, there's no way to stand still, it makes you want to go dancing all over the house! This guy's voice is amazing and the lyrics are super romantic, I can't stop singing along
Laura_Almeida's avatar
makes you feel a little nostalgic, I remember good times I had with special people. I like the soft melody and the lyrics that speak of intense love. It's a song that calms the heart
julia_rodrigues.jrr's avatar
music wonder! The chorus cannot leave my head. The way Zé Vaqueiro sings is incredible, and the lyrics are very beautiful. I love the melody and how it makes me feel. simply addictive!
_julianaSilva_S's avatar
I didn't like the song Meu Eu em Sei by Zé Vaqueiro very much, I found it kind of generic and unfunny, I couldn't feel any connection with the lyrics or melody
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Meyre Aguiar
I travel...💕
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Tati Rodrigues351
Tati Rodrigues351's avatar
Tati Rodrigues351
top love
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Graciele Kelly
she looked beautiful in the voice of Zé vaqueiro amei
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Chris Mendes312
What a beautiful version💕💕💕
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Theyce 🍃🔥
my whole love never go wrong love of my life 😍❤️
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this song has a very good vibe, you know? Thes are incredible and the lyrics really bother me. It's one of those that makes you want to dance and play at the same time.
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