Tune in Together

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Yo ya sabía pa donde iba

Así es que no batalle

Ya tenía trazado el camino

No la pensé y me la rifé

Dije ahora viene la mía

Que tanto es tantito que pueda perder

Es que de estar hasta el fondo

No había más pa abajo, pues pa arriba fue

Los planes que cargaba en mente

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Yo Ya Sabia Pa Donde Iba

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Daniel Ramirez's avatar
Daniel Ramirez
This song makes me feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. The melody is so dynamic and the lyrics are like a ride through my own emotions. It's one of those songs that make you feel alive and energetic!
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Maria Antonia Villalobos's avatar
Maria Antonia Villalobos
What a nice surprise to find this song. The melody is fresh and the lyrics are authentic. The instrumentation is energetic, it's one of those songs that make you want to move and enjoy life to the fullest!
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Ana de Azevedo's avatar
Ana de Azevedo
This song is like a ray of on a dark day. The melody is catchy, and the lyrics make you think of life. The instrumentation is, every note is a gift for the ears.
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Martina Castellanos's avatar
Martina Castellanos
I didn't know this song, but now I can't stop listening to it. The melody is captivating and the lyrics are perfect. The instrumentation is sublime, it's one of those songs that make you feel at peace and in harmony with the world!
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Heitor Amaral
This music is like a gift that fills you with joy.
Noah Aguiar's avatar
Noah Aguiar
A song that makes you feel in heaven. Unbelievable!
Ícaro Campos's avatar
Ícaro Campos
It is simply a musical gem
Ruben Castro's avatar
Ruben Castro
I love the energy and rhythm, it makes me dance. It's a guaranteed success!
Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
I can't help but sing it every time I hear it. That's my luck with this rolita!
Alan Rodriguez's avatar
Alan Rodriguez
I love how Los Temerarios play with so much feeling every time I listen to it.
Fernando Hernández's avatar
Fernando Hernández
The melody is so catchy and his words touch my heart. It's my favorite song of the moment!
Caio Barros's avatar
Caio Barros
It is my favorite of all
Matteo Barbosa's avatar
Matteo Barbosa
I love the style and how the instruments are mixed. An amazing song!
Liz Colato's avatar
Liz Colato
it's a hit! I love his flow and the lyrics are super cool. I love this song I put it on repeat and passed it to my friends.
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