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ah, man... simply angry! I love dance, it makes you want to dance and sing along every time you play. The lyrics are super sincere and I really relate to them, you know? It's a song that makes me feel good, like I'm talking to a friend. It's too much!
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the perfect soundtrack for moments of introspection The singer's warm voice combined with the soft dance is a perfect blend
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Hey, this song is really good! I remember listening to it in a role I stayed in until morning, everyone singing together. It gives me a good and lively vibe!
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I really remember my school days when I hear this song! The parties and little dances were always animated to the sound of Hit Praiano. I love the dance and the fun lyrics of the MCs. It's a song that always puts me in a good mood!
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I liked the lyrics and rhythm of the music, in addition to the voices combining well. However, I thought that the melody could have been more varied
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bro, Hit Praiano is too much! I was listening on the beach when a seagull decided to sing along. It was an unexpected duet, but very good!
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I thought Hit Praiano was a bit of a dull sound, it didn't lock me up at all. The rhymes didn't seem very creative to me and the dance didn't catch my attention.
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no words for this vibe favela! Heavy flow in the lyrics and dance that sticks to the mind. I already put it on repeat several times today!
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the music made me feel a lot of energy for the unique dance and the performance of the MCs. I really liked the rhymes and felt it was a tribute to the beach and its atmosphere
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Man, this song is too much! I've heard it a thousand times and I can't get enough, the lyrics are very massive!
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Kelen Mani
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