Tune in Together

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Qué bonito es lo bonito y lo que tengo me lo he de merecer

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Lara de Avila
This song has a very dynamic and vibrant rhythm that makes me want to sing and dance with all my heart.
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Davi Lucca Barreto
the lyrics in this song always make me feel as if I are connecting with my deepest and most authentic self.
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Juan Sánchez
The sound of this song is so relaxing and quiet, it helps me to disconnect from everything and relax for a while.
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Yan Boldrini
A song to repeat without stopping! Lyrics that make you reflect
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Pedro Henrique Baptista
This song is really cool, it beats me like the lyrics bring a smile to your face and the rhythm makes you want to dance. I've been putting it on repeat all day and I've already recommended it to my cat. It's a hit on my playlist, mano pa' alto.
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Rene Leal
I love this rolita because the lyrics are super cool, it has a great rhythm and it turns me on whenever I listen to it. I've already recommended it to all my friends and I even know it by heart. It's pure love!
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Samuel Campos
It just makes me move my body and get me in the mood. Go listen to it now!
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Hugo Quiroz
A musical addiction I can't resist.
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Thomas Bastos
I love the lyrics, they're pissed and the rhythm is really on. I love this song I've shared it with my crew.
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