Tune in Together

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Traigan cerveza porque esta noche me quiero desvelar

Unas botellas pa' las niñas fresas, pero de champán

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A Punta de Balazos

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Manuela Castro
This song is a call to action. The music fills you with strength, and the lyrics are like a cry of protest. The instrumentation is, it makes you want to get up and change the world.
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María Pilar Tapia
The rhythm of this song is very basic and does not have enough layers to maintain the listener's interest.
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Leonardo Badaró
has a great voice, but the song itself is very boring and doesn't stand out at all #APuntadeBalazos.
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Francisco Lopez
This song is an ode to creativity.
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Pedro Henrique Baptista
is a song to play at full volume and enjoy with friends.
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Carlos Gomez
it kills me, the flow is felt in my blood. I love this song I put it on repeat and recommended it to my whole crew. Hold on to that catchy chorus!
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Vicente Brito
I can't stop listening to it. Clave Special did it again!
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Rene Leal
Wow, this song always makes me feel so good. It reminds me of when we first heard it and danced like crazy. Without a doubt one of my favorites!
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Manuel Pérez
This song has a unique vibe that catches you from the first second! You can't help but get carried away by its catchy rhythm and catchy lyrics.
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Angel Mendoza
With this melody, even the highest mountains dance to the rhythm of life!
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