Tune in Together

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Bélicos se ven pasar los comandos

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Laís de Chaves
I love how this song has such a unique rhythm, it's perfect!!!
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Ana Clara Dantas
This song has very powerful and touching lyrics that make me reflect on my own life and my own experiences.
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Pietra de Morais
I was listening to this rolita when my grandmother came into my room and started dancing super slow and without rhythm it looked like she was doing an abstract dance! #abuelasQueSabenBailar #musicaRara #playlist 🔥
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Matteo Barbosa
Rhythm that makes you feel in tune with the universe!
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Ravi Abreu Lisboa
Listening to this is like finding an oasis of happiness in the midst of the paradise of life!
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Thiago Busato
A voice that surrounds you in every note. A passion that is felt!
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Lucca Andrade
Hey, remember that time we stayed until 3am listening to that song? It always gives me feeling but it also reminds me of the good vibe that night.
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Alan Rodriguez
The flow of each singer and the production are great.
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