Tune in Together

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Soy aquel michoacano

Que el respeto se ha ganado

Que aya por los 90's estuvo

Un tiempo encerrado

El que adora a sus hijas

Sus princesas queridas

Hijo te sigo esperando

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Maria da Rocha's avatar
Maria da Rocha
The singer's voice is so powerful that it leaves you speechless. Each note is full of emotion and passion, making the interpretation unforgettable.
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Clara de Matos's avatar
Clara de Matos
this song always reminds me of that trip to the beach with my family. It was super fun!
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Lavínia da Cunha's avatar
Lavínia da Cunha
Love!!! I'm sorry for your bad taste hahahahaha
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Arturo Quintana's avatar
Arturo Quintana
It's a very cool rolita
José Velasco's avatar
José Velasco
is a breath of fresh air that revitalizes the spirit.
Ana Sophia de Oliveira's avatar
Ana Sophia de Oliveira
It is one of my favorites of the genre
Fatima Reyna's avatar
Fatima Reyna
I can't resist moving to the rhythm, it's irresistible!
Maria Luisa Sosa's avatar
Maria Luisa Sosa
I love this song, the lyrics are all there and the rhythm is great. I love this song I played it at full volume for my beats.
Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
I am by the beauty of this melody.
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