Tune in Together

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Pega nas tuas coisas e vem morar na minha vida

Tu tem cara de tudo o que eu sonhei

Quero ser feliz contigo, quero ser teu ombro amigo

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bro, very top! Fernandes and Natthan's voices fit perfectly with Damásio's romantic rhythm. The lyrics are passionate and transport you to a place full of love and. There's no way to listen to The Moon and not feel that chill in your belly!
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man, this song has an incredible beat that makes me want to dance non-stop. The lyrics are so realistic and I relate to them too much, I feel like it was written for me. The voice is so smooth and the melody is so immersive, it gets me in a trance every time I hear it.
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heck, this song brought me such a good vibe! The lyrics are very captivating and the melody just transported me somewhere else. I didn't know , but I've become a fan! I'm going to put this song on my playlist and listen to it every day now. It's really one of those songs that make you feel td
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this song makes me feel so alive! The lyrics are too much, the melody is in my head and I can't get enough of listening to Really a classic!
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Elaine Da Silva Sant
a zouk mixed with a joke that turned out perfect, and these feet without comparison 🙂 can't help but dance when playing this 😎❣️💃🏻🕺🏻🎹🎤🎧🪗🎷. 🤩🤩🤩🤩
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Man, really top, I've put it on repeat several times!
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