Tune in Together

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Me enamoran los billetes y los tenis Jordan

Me enamoran los billetes y los tenis Jordan

Nunca suelta la pelota

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Marca Diablo

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Luiz Felipe Cabral
Weeeey, have you heard this song yet? It's cool, I love the charismatic rhythm and the lyrics are something you don't expect. The truth is that I've recommended them to several guys and they liked them a lot too. I'll never get tired of listening to them!
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Victoria Villarreal
This song is the maximum vibe, I really love the vibe. The lyrics are really cool, and the rhythm has no mother. I already played them to my friends and they are just as excited. It's a great hit!
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Pietra de Morais
it's pure flow, I love the lyrics and I've done it with my jale and the guys. I love this song, did you hear it, wey?
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