Tune in Together

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Tu labial en mi cara

Te siente un poco extraña

Te recorrí un mundo entero

Para encontrar lo sincero

Tú amor se siente del bueno

Por favor, nunca te vayas

Una party, una party

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YW&F (Versión Reggaeton)

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Maria Teresa Zamora's avatar
Maria Teresa Zamora
Although the lyrics of this song are sad, it manages to convey beauty and hope in the midst of sadness.
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Lorena Guevara's avatar
Lorena Guevara
I love how he uses different instruments like the acoustic guitar and piano to create a very emotional and touching listening experience.
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Montserrat Villa's avatar
Montserrat Villa
I heard this song for the first time at a party and since then it's been stuck with me all day long. It makes me feel invincible.
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Yan Boldrini's avatar
Yan Boldrini
a song to listen to in repeat mode
Thomas Bastos's avatar
Thomas Bastos
It is perfect for a coffee and relaxation.
Agustin Valdez's avatar
Agustin Valdez
It always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance. Chivatonas is my new musical addiction!
Maria Clara da Silva's avatar
Maria Clara da Silva
A version that makes you move your body without stopping. The reggaetonero rhythm and the catchy lyrics make you can't resist dancing to the beat of the music.
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José Miguel Calmon's avatar
José Miguel Calmon
I love the lyrics and the toning flow. I've been recommending it to all my friends to dance non-stop!
Levi Assunção's avatar
Levi Assunção
The rhythm of this piece is truly unforgettable.
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