Tune in Together

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Blindada, bien bélica la Lambo

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Raul Calimam
"The voice quality is outstanding, it makes me feel deeply excited."
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Laura Martinez
Although the rhythm of this song is slow, I love the depth and the feeling that emanates from it.
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Emanuelly da Gloria
This song is the real thing! The lyrics are great and the rhythm makes you move the boat. Since I heard it, I haven't stopped recommending it to all my friends. I love it!
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Apollo Buzatto
What a nostalgic rolón to remember old times and old friendships.
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Hugo Quiroz
This theme makes me feel as if I are floating in the air.
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Matheus Alvarenga
I am by how it makes me feel that I am floating in space.
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Ana Beatriz de Freitas
is so amazing that it thrills me
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Gregorio Alanis
I love it, the lyrics and the rhythm are not very good. I love this song, I recommended it to my comrades, it raises the spirits to a hundred.
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Maria da Rocha
Neta wey, this song catches me from the first. The beat is super on and the lyrics have a lot of flow. I've played them to the whole band and they keep asking me for them. I really love it and I never get tired of listening to it.
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