Tune in Together

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El encanto de una vida ideal

Eso conmigo no va a pasar

Todas las puertas abrió el amor

Y el maldito nunca creyó



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Maria Teresa Zamora
I love how cool her lyrics are with that beat that makes you move non-stop. I've already asked my comrades to listen to her, because this song is on fire.
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Lavínia da Cunha's avatar
Lavínia da Cunha
This rolita makes me crazy, wey. The lyrics have all the feeling of the party and the rhythm is pure tasty. I've shared them with all my compas and every time we play them, nobody stops dancing and singing. It's epic!
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Alicia Barrios
it's great! The lyrics are very catchy and the beat has good flowI love this song and I love it to my parents.
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