Tune in Together

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Tu labial en mi cara

Te noto un poco extraña

Me recorrí un mundo entero para encontrar lo sincero

Tu amor se siente del bueno

Por favor, nunca te vayas

A mis ex's ya las olvidé desde el día en que apareciste

Me saturas pensamientos, tus besos crean sentimientos

Te necesito conmigo, pero eso no te lo digo

No quiero robar tu tiempo, te voy a contar secretos

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YW&F (Versión Guitarras)

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Daniela Hidago's avatar
Daniela Hidago
the artist's voice in this song is so touching, it makes me feel all the emotions they are transmitting.
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Mariana de Gois's avatar
Mariana de Gois
I love this song! The lyrics are very catchy and I love to dance to them. I have already recommended them to several guys and they liked them a lot too. One of my favorites without a doubt.
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Juana Rocha's avatar
Juana Rocha
This rolita is the coolest thing in the world, isn't it? I am by the lyrics that make you reflect and hit that rhythm that makes you dance non-stop. I confess that I have recommended it to all my friends because it is simply amazing. Good for the good music!
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Carmen Serrano's avatar
Carmen Serrano
Romantic and emotional. A passion that is felt in every note!
Ícaro Campos's avatar
Ícaro Campos
this song is perfect for a night out
Tomás Castro's avatar
Tomás Castro
a song that sticks in your mind
Nuria Palacios's avatar
Nuria Palacios
what a great rhythm this song has!
Francisco Bernardi's avatar
Francisco Bernardi
The melody has a touch of intrigue
Olga Davila's avatar
Olga Davila
I love this song, the flow is really on and the lyrics are cool.
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