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Esa güera loca quiere éxta, ah, ah

Se confiesa, se me presta

Por ese culo, bebé, pago las cuentas

Vodka peach, tusi pink, excesos y, -y

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Vodka Peach

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Pérola de Moura's avatar
Pérola de Moura
At first I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like it, but after this line... bam! was already sold
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Daniela Hidago's avatar
Daniela Hidago
There's something about this song that makes me feel very nostalgic, even if it's a new song.
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Emanuelly da Gloria's avatar
Emanuelly da Gloria
Uff, this song really touches my soul! The lyrics are really cool and I can't help but move when it sounds. I already recommended it to several friends because it's so hot. I love it!
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Vitor Bruneli's avatar
Vitor Bruneli
Contagious and full of energy, impossible not to dance!
Carmen Serrano's avatar
Carmen Serrano
Without a doubt, it's one of my favorite songs.
Carlos Mart's avatar
Carlos Mart
makes you want to hug your loved ones!
Gabriel Abreu's avatar
Gabriel Abreu
It's my new favorite
Maria Luísa Corrêa's avatar
Maria Luísa Corrêa
This song is super bitchy! I love the beat and the lyrics are great. I love this song, I passed it on to my friends to listen to.
Maria Mora's avatar
Maria Mora
I love this rolita, the lyrics are very good and it makes you feel super relaxed. The rhythm is very cool, I can't help but move when I listen to it. I have already recommended it to several beats and everyone has enjoyed it.
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