Tune in Together

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Tal vez sí merezco que me falles por jugar tus sentimientos

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Olívia de Moraes's avatar
Olívia de Moraes
This song is addictive, I can't stop listening to it over and over again #andrea #Andrea.
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Maria Helena de Oliveira's avatar
Maria Helena de Oliveira
No matter how challenging the day ahead is, this song always manages to make it a little easier to wear. Its relaxing rhythm and comforting melody are like a painkiller for my soul, relieving stress and anxiety with every note.
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Beatriz de Camargo
has an incredible talent for conveying emotions through his voice.
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Nicolas Ibarra
The rhythm is so catchy it always stays in my head.
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Jose Ángel Meza
The melody this song is so hypnotic that it transports me
Mercedes Esquivel's avatar
Mercedes Esquivel
This song is like a time capsule. The melody transports you to another era and the lyrics are like a message from another era. It's amazing how music can transcend time and space! #andrea
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Breno Carvalho
The melody this theme is so enveloping that it transports me
Juan Sánchez's avatar
Juan Sánchez
I must confess that I am in love with this rolita, her lyrics reach me deeply and her rhythm makes me dance like crazy. I have recommended her to all my batos and all my morras, I have to spread the good vibes!
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Davi Miguel Calixto's avatar
Davi Miguel Calixto
I love it, wey! The lyrics are cool and the rhythm is pretty fast!
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Cristina Barrera
What a great beat this song has! The music catches you and makes you want to move to the rhythm and the lyrics are like the icing on the cake. It's one of those songs that make you feel you can handle anything!
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Ivan Herrera
I can't help but move my feet to such an infectious rhythm.
Maria Eduarda da Costa's avatar
Maria Eduarda da Costa
This rolita fascinates me wey, the lyrics are pure feeling and the rhythm is well lit. I listen to it all the time and I have already recommended it to several comrades. It's worth giving it an ear, chido!
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