Tune in Together

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Yo no tengo sueño

Lo que pida el cuerpo, le damos infierno

Como Kim Kardashian, puras operadas,lasbaño en champaña

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Kim Kardashian

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Maria Eloá de Paula's avatar
Maria Eloá de Paula
This song has a very dynamic and energetic rhythm that makes me want to dance non-stop.
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Emilia Torres's avatar
Emilia Torres
I like how this song has a very futuristic and progressive sound, it's like I'm listening to music from the future #KimKardashian.
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Derick Correia's avatar
Derick Correia
This rolita is my favorite! I love the flow of the beat and the lyrics make you feel like you are living them yourself. I've already shared it with all my friends and it them as much as I did. There's nothing better than listening to it on repeat all day long.
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Ayla Coutinho's avatar
Ayla Coutinho
I like its rhythm and lyrics, perfect for a night out with friends. Let's dance!
Raúl Pérez's avatar
Raúl Pérez
It is undoubtedly one of my favorites lately.
Alfonso Avila's avatar
Alfonso Avila
Neta, this song turns me on, the lyrics, the rhythm everything is at 100I love this song I played it to all my crew.
Jose Antonio Sanchez's avatar
Jose Antonio Sanchez
This song is like a crush straight to the heart, I can't stop listening to it!
Agustin Valdez's avatar
Agustin Valdez
With this melody, even the grayest days are tinged with colors and hope!
Carlos Mart's avatar
Carlos Mart
What an infectious rhythm this song has!
Matteo Barbosa's avatar
Matteo Barbosa
This song is really cool, the rap style with the cumbia makes me dance like crazy. Besides, the lyrics are pure positive vibes to raise my spirits. I've already shared them with several carnalitos, you can't miss this little musical gem.
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