Tune in Together

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Me la estoy pasando raro, mejor me prendo otro gallo

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Bien Raro

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Agatha da Gama
Me fascina esta rola! La letra es con madre y el ritmo te hace mover el esqueleto. Ya la he pasado de rol a mis cuates y les late chido también. Esta canción es mi nuevo crush!
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Ana de Azevedo
Hey, brother! This song is really cool, I love the rhythm, it makes me dance! Besides, the lyrics are very cool, well thought out. I already recommended it to all my crew and we even played it in the background in the last peda. Come here, we have to keep enjoying it!
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Rosa Maria Arias
It's super on, it really beats me up. I play it at full volume and it turns on my mood. I love this song I recommended it to the brunette.
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