Tune in Together

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Yo te miro y se me corta la respiración

Cuando tú me miras, se me sube el corazón

Y en un silencio tu mirada dice mil palabras

La noche en la que te suplico que no salga el sol

Bailando (bailando)

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Ana Clara Dantas's avatar
Ana Clara Dantas
The instrumentation in this song is like a dance of light and shadow, with its notes playing with each other in an eternal game. It is as if music were the dance of life itself.
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Mariana de Gois's avatar
Mariana de Gois
Music is like a refuge I can always turn to, a place where I find peace and quiet in the midst of the chaos of the world.
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Juan Francisco Trejo's avatar
Juan Francisco Trejo
The melody is like a dance between notes and rhythms, inviting you to move to the beat of the music and get lost in its cadence.
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Jose luis Flores's avatar
Jose luis Flores
It makes every day a little brighter
Samuel Campos's avatar
Samuel Campos
I am by how it makes me feel that I am part of something bigger.
Juan Manuel De la cruz's avatar
Juan Manuel De la cruz
melody that makes me feel part of something bigger.
João Gabriel Bernardes's avatar
João Gabriel Bernardes
I will keep dancing to it all day long
Anthony Gabriel Bozzi's avatar
Anthony Gabriel Bozzi
What a catchy melody to cheer up any day!
Vicente Contreras's avatar
Vicente Contreras
This song has that magic that transports you to another world, where anything is possible and dreams come true.
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Álvaro Mendez's avatar
Álvaro Mendez
Incredible song
Luis Romero's avatar
Luis Romero
There are no words to describe how amazing this song is! The melody is hypnotic and the lyrics are inspiring. The instrumentation is brilliant, every note is like an explosion of emotion. It's a song that makes you feel alive and reminds you of the beauty of life.
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Bella de Ayrosa's avatar
Bella de Ayrosa
The production in this song uses different samples and instruments in a creative way to forge a unique and characteristic sound #Bailando.
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Xavier Valenzuela's avatar
Xavier Valenzuela
makes me dance under the stars
Cristian Suárez's avatar
Cristian Suárez
Enveloping rhythm that makes you move
Santiago Salazar's avatar
Santiago Salazar
What a cool little rolita! The music takes you on a unique journey, and the lyrics are like a reflection of the soul. The instrumentation is just great, it makes you feel in harmony with the universe.
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Hugo Quiroz's avatar
Hugo Quiroz
tions dancing in the air
Henrique Ambrozim's avatar
Henrique Ambrozim
This music has such a lively and rhythm that it is impossible not to feel full of life and energy when you listen to it, it is pure happiness in the form of sound!
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Maria Eduarda da Costa's avatar
Maria Eduarda da Costa
This song makes me want to put out my best outfit and go out to conquer the world. With its contagious energy, there is nothing that can stop me!
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