Tune in Together

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Te quiero así, con mi compa Tito y mi compa Joelito

Pa' todas las plebitas

Pa' todas las plebitas bélicas

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Te Quiero Así (En Vivo)

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Melinda de Mattos
This song fascinates me! The lyrics are great and the beat is really cool. I've recommended them a bunch of times to my buddies because I love them. It beats me to listen to them at any moment!
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Ana Lívia de Mello
This song is my favorite, the lyrics are really cool and the rhythm makes me move my paws. I already recommended it to all my friends, and what are you waiting for to dance to it?
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Julio Mejia
Maaan, this song is the best! The lyrics come to you, and the rhythm makes you dance! I've hit it on all my friends.
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