Tune in Together

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Hotels, late nights, hands through my hair

Long talks, red eyes, clothes everywhere

Missing a moment when you're still there

You gotta thing you can't find nowhere

Yeah, yeah

Kissing, screaming, straight back to war

I'm walking out until I lock the door

Maybe the danger's covered by the thrill

'Cause I know I should be running for the hills

The way you touch me

Straight to the heart, yeah, it cuts me

'Cause I know deep down that it's

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run for the hills

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Wow, I didn't know my legs could move that fast until I heard this song. Thanks for the cardio session, anonymous jogger who blasted it from their headphones.
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Can't get enough of Tate McRae's music, and Run for the Hills is no exception. This song speaks to my soul and makes me wanna dance around my room all day.
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Just discovered Tate McRae and this song is already my go-to. It's helped me through some tough times and I just can't get enough. Keep shining, Tate!
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tate just snatched my wig.
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TN Cold🖤
Ran for the hills when my ex failed to meet me halfway. Tate gets it, hitting me right in the feels.
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