Tune in Together

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Eu sei que eu não te devo explicação

Mas essa saiu sem querer, foi sem querer

Juntei um Jack, um beck e toda raiva que sentia por você

Já deu pra ver, tô mesmo na vida noturna

Muito sexo e loucura em frevo cheio de v**a

Se foi o que ouviu dizer, vulgo vilão da bagunça

Derreti a aliança e mandei fazer um frevo em homenagem pra cê ver

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miguelmierzejewsk's avatar
bro, this song only has vibe top! do you know when you listen to a song and start to feel the dance in there? so this one is like it! except that the lyrics are super reflective, it makes me think about several things in life. I will definitely listen several times.
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MarianaCardosoRJ's avatar
too much, the beats take me to another world The lyrics talk about love and, and the singer's voice conveys a lot of emotion I always get goosebumps when I listen!
pedro.almeida's avatar
This song has a bubblegum chorus that sticks to my head! I always get excited when she starts playing, it's the kind of sound that puts me in a good mood I remember once I sang it non-stop while shopping and some people started looking at me weird, haha
Brunasssilveira's avatar
Man, this song is f#$! It makes my body all goosebumps and I can't get enough of listening!
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