Tune in Together

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Saco la lumbre y fuego le doy al veneno

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Melissa da Conceicao's avatar
Melissa da Conceicao
the sound of this song is very retro and nostalgic, it transports me to another era.
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Allana de Assis's avatar
Allana de Assis
Whenever I need to improve my mood there is this music. It's like safe space!
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Lucca Andrade's avatar
Lucca Andrade
I was listening to this at full volume until my dog started barking, I'm so sorry my cute little dog!
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Fernando Islas's avatar
Fernando Islas
There is no better way to relax than with this music.
Luiz Miguel Brandão's avatar
Luiz Miguel Brandão
I love the sweetness in her voice and the sensitivity in the lyrics. It is a masterpiece!
Jose Ángel Meza's avatar
Jose Ángel Meza
my favorite song from Grupo Sonador
José Miguel Calmon's avatar
José Miguel Calmon
I like the fresh, modern sound combined with the romantic lyrics. my favorite song right now!
Matheus Alvarenga's avatar
Matheus Alvarenga
The lyrics are also very catchy and easy to remember. I love it!
Eduardo Guerrero's avatar
Eduardo Guerrero
I love it, the lyrics and the beat are really cool. I've passed them on to all my friends!
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