Tune in Together

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Não tá me fazendo bem

Não tô certo em fazer isso

Tô colocando o futuro de alguém

Você poderia estar bem melhor

No melhor bar que essa cidade tem

E meio por acaso conhecer alguém, mais não

Vou te prender mais não

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Pior Parte

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So cool this song, it reminds me a little of Marília Mendonça's voice, I don't know why.
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Man, this song is an anthem! It brings me such a good vibe, a sense of peace and freedom. Every time I listen, I remember an incredible trip I took.
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sensational! The dance is addictive and the lyrics are so sincere, they always leave me reflecting on life It makes me want to dance and cry at the same time, you know?
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very beautiful
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very beautiful this song 😍
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it reminded me of sad moments in my life, but at the same time it brought me comfort. The melody conveys a sense of peace and hope, while the lyrics make me reflect on the beauty of simple things.
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the dance of the song is engaging and the vocal has an interesting timbre. However, the lyrics are a bit and don't have much depth
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Paulinho da Bahia
Marília Mendonça from Bahia! The woman is too top notch!
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Silvestre Sousa
sings d+
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this letter is top.
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What a song! The dance is really cool, I already recommended it for general!
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Andreia Pereira
i love this top song too much 🥰🥰🥰
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Andreia Pereira
it's very beautiful
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