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E aí mano, como é que 'tá as coisas

'Tá tudo bem poh, 'tá tudo na paz graças a deus

'To indo né, naquele jeito de sempre

Mais velho com o passar do tempo

Mas velho demais pro passado

Eu penso como tenho passado o tempo

E se eu penso demais o tempo tem passado

Alguém pergunta como eu tenho passado

Porque eu passo tanto tempo acordado

O que eu tenho feito nos últimos anos?

Penso em quantos planos eu deixei de lado

Amigo pergunta porque eu sumo tanto

Mãe me pergunta por que eu fumo tanto

Mulher se pergunta no que eu 'to pensando

Eles não pensa' no que eu tenho passado

Tenho tentado e juro 'to tentando

Ser menos paranoico, mais simpático

Ninguém tem culpa de eu ser problemático

Se alguém me escuta é quando 'to cantando

Eu 'to bem, eu 'to bem

Eu 'to bem, eu 'to bem

Eu 'to bem, eu 'to bem

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iamcabot's avatar
too much! She always leaves me in the right mood to enjoy life. The way the lyrics fit the rhythm is perfect, it even makes you want to sing along. And that guitar solo? I cringe up to my hair! It's the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day and friends.
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Brunasssilveira's avatar
Bro, a vibe! The beat is heavy and the lyrics are pure reality I want to enjoy the good sound and relax Top too much!
aaandre.lima's avatar
Man, this song always reminds me of that time I went to the beach with my friends I always play when I'm on the road It's too good a vibe!
Curiosidades sr incrível's avatar
Curiosidades sr incrível
I don't feel well...
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bro, top too! When I play Eu Tô Bem by Felipe Amorim, I feel like I'm in one of those clubs. The rhythm is contagious and it makes you want to dance until the sun rises. The lyrics are very lively and make me feel happy and light. It's impossible to stand still when this song plays, it's just too much!
victor.costa's avatar
I thought I Tô Bem was a very lively song and I liked the funny lyrics. Felipe Amorim's voice is good, but I wish I had heard more variety in the melody.
RafaelOliveira's avatar
bro, fuck too much! It's been giving a hype here that I can't resist. The sound is heavy and the lyrics so represent me. Felipe Amorim is the guy!
giovanna.oliveira's avatar
it's not that the music is bad, but it didn't really affect me. It's that kind of sound you hear once and then you hear it.
ClaraNunesAficionada's avatar
the deep lyrics of Eu Tô Bem have a message of overcoming and strength that are touching. Felipe Amorim brings an emotional rapture with his voice, combining perfectly with the dance and the instrumental
BrunoMartins's avatar
man, Felipe Amorim can't get out of my head! It's too contagious, I can't stop humming. The chorus sticks to the mind and the dance is addictive. I love this song!
aurelie61888's avatar
Bro, I was hearing I'm fine on that crowded bus and I ended up kicking the guy's foot next door, I just felt shame in someone else, lol.
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This song is too good a vibe, I can't get enough of listening!
jorgesushi98's avatar
fuck what a good song, what fucking lyrics, I identified myself too much 😁
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