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Once, I was seven years old, my mama told me

"Go make yourself some friends, or you'll be lonely"

Once, I was seven years old

It was a big-big world, but we thought we were bigger

Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker

By 11, smoking herb and drinking burning liquor

Never rich, so we were out to make that steady figure

Once, I was 11 years old, my daddy told me

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Soon i will be 60 years old

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bro, this Soon i will be 60 years old stop was so top notch! The dance got really cool and the Tiktok remix made everything even more addictive. The lyrics of this song remind me of life and everything I still want to do. I think music is a great way to do that, right?
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Get ready, I am already approaching 60 in the future 🙀 but this song Kaushal Shekhawat makes my life spirit always filled with joy! 🎶💃 # tiktokremix # kaushalshekhawat
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man, this Tiktok remix from Soon i will be 60 years old is so addictive! I love how the videos combined with the music are super fun and nostalgic at the same time. The lyrics of the song are a little sad, but the dance is so good that you can't stop humming
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Nicolas Oliveira Santana
this one is beautiful
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this song is really good 😍
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It's so exciting to listen to this song, it's so catchy! So I remember I will be 60 years old too hehe.
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Vibe Soon i will be 60 years old in Kaushal Shekhawat, wake up in the morning so happy!
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very crazy! The rhythm makes me too excited and the lyrics make me reflect on life stuff High vibes good!
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nothing china jiirrr
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👈original ipong🗿
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Man, I was listening to this song really loud when my mom showed up thinking it was a party. There wasn't even time to explain!
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