Tune in Together

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A gente brigou

Foi altos vacilo'

Ela falou vou te esquecer nos automotivo

E ela é toda santinha

Não combina com as revoadinha

Eu vou pagar pra ver

Eu vou nesse rolê

Não acreditei o que eu vi

Do eletro funk

Meu coração bateu mais forte que os auto falante' (vem)

Perdoa eu bebê

Esquece os boy de juliete

Desce, desce dessa caminhonete

Perdoa eu que eu levo o paredão pra kit net

Desce, desce dessa caminhonete

Perdoa eu bebê

Esquece os boy de juliete

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Desce da Caminhonete

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roccohalpern's avatar
sensational! The beats are so immersive, impossible to stand still. And the letter...so deep and emotional, making me feel all the emotions possible. I can't stop listening, it's pure perfection!
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IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
This song takes me to another world I have a funny memory of it. me and my friends trying to imitate the clip It was hilarious!
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Aline_Barbosa's avatar
too much! The dance is engaging and the chorus sticks to the head The lyrics speak of love and are so realistic, it makes you want to sing along!
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Laura_Almeida's avatar
the lyrics make it clear that there is no need for wealth to be happy. The simplicity of life is simply portrayed in the music. I loved it!
yevgeniyamundson's avatar
the lyrics are pretty funny and the rhythm cheers anyone up. The chorus is easy to sing along with. The only negative point is the repetition of the lyrics in some parts.
Camila_Oliveira_o's avatar
vibe too much! The rhythm takes you by the way and doesn't let go anymore. Fun lyrics and talented singers. There's no way not to play!
sofiaoliveira_br96's avatar
then, this Desce da Caminhonete do Thiago Brava with Luan Pereira is very engaging! The dance is on time and there's no way not to shake the skeleton. The lyrics are lively and it makes you want to go dancing around. You can put them on the party playlist! 🎵🎶🕺💃
JulianaMartins_'s avatar
reminds me of my vacation in Holland with my family. The lyrics bring the feeling of freedom and fun, enjoying simple moments with the one you love. Discover the relaxed and vibe that music conveys
AnaClaraRodrigues.98's avatar
I was listening to Desce da Caminhonete and pretending to be rich, then I hit the curb and the illusion went away along with the flat tire
FelipeCosta_1984's avatar
it's not a style of music I usually listen to, and the lyrics didn't really appeal to me
meunomeehvini's avatar
I can't get Desce da Caminhonete out of my head! It's extremely contagious, you listen once and you already want to dance. Listen to the lyrics and the animated dance
Marina.Oliveira.MO's avatar
This song is very massive! I can't stop listening! 🎵
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