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Oh, Igow, Igow (Eric Land)

Oh, lá vem ela desfilando na poeira

O cantor já mandou aumentar o P.A

A vaqueirama parou de correr na pista

Só pra ver a morena rebolar

Só pra ver a morena rebolar

Só pra ver a morena rebolar

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CaioCastroCantor's avatar
very angry! dance is too much, it already hits me at the first second. The lyrics are also very massive, it talks about a theme that many people certainly identify with. Without a doubt, it is one of those songs that we play on repeat several and several times.
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bro, this song has a surreal groove! the dance is contagious and you can't stand still. the lyrics full of feeling marry perfectly with the soft melody. it's like the song takes us to an incredible place, where anything is possible and life seems to make more sense. I'm addicted!
carlosRocha_'s avatar
heck, what an amazing song! I loved the rhythm and the beats, it's impossible not to want to dance. The voice is super striking and gives even more personality to the music. I will definitely put this song on my playlist and listen to it a thousand times!
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marcosPereira_sulistamusical's avatar
Oh, this song is amazing! The beats are insane and the vibe is irresistible, impossible to stand still. The lyrics are also super real, with those words that we've heard somewhere. I'll replay a thousand times and share with the crowd!
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This song is too top notch! dance!
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