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Estás aqui movendo entre nós

Te adorarei, Te adorarei

Estás aqui mudando destinos

Te adorarei, Te adorarei

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Caminho no Deserto (Way Maker)

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IsabelaCosta_'s avatar
my xodo! she has a super addictive dance that makes me sing and dance non-stop. the lyrics are well thought out and I identify with them a lot. whenever I hear this song, I feel a very good and lively energy. without a doubt, it is one of my favorites!
TiagoSantosZL_928's avatar
I love that sound, it makes me calm, but at the same time energized The beats are mesmerizing and the lyrics are deep Always make me think
brunaoliveira.94's avatar
Man, this song is amazing! It makes me feel so good, you know? I even remember the time I almost paid mico dancing to her sound in public!
dhulhy sussuarana braz's avatar
dhulhy sussuarana braz
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evil days come for us to worship the Lord our God🥰
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think of a song that is just PAULADA and that puts everyone to dance, to jump, to end in praise! Caminho no Deserto is just that, my brother! That acoustics that Fernandinho and Paula Santos did is simply too much! It's a lot of anointing and joy in one lyric, and it's impossible to stand still and listen!
RenanPereira_54's avatar
this acoustic version of Caminho no Deserto is addictive! The combination of Fernandinho and Paula Santos' voices is incredible. And the lyrics, then?! Full of hope and faith. I can't stop listening!
darenhegie's avatar
this acoustic version of Caminho no Deserto reminds me of very special moments in my life. I love Paula Santos' voice and the message of music always inspires me to have faith and perseverance.
pedro_machado's avatar
I found the acoustic version of Caminho no Deserto a little monotonous, without many variations in melody. It's not a song that es me too much
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#elegant mail
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Day cris
no words wonderful words beautiful hymn.calms the soul.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
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This song is amazing! The lyrics are show and it makes you want to dance until you get tired. I already recommended prazamiga!
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give a peace in your heart this praise
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God is Wonderful
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what a wonderful praise, one of my favorites 🙏
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