Tune in Together

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Se tiver que escolher

Entre a vida louca e a vida com você

A disputa era injusta

Porque bem lá no fundo eu queria as duas

Queria que você se preocupasse

Mas sem te dar satisfação nenhuma

Às vezes queria ficar na minha

Mas gosto tanto de ficar na sua

É bem aí que começa a dúvida

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Coração Bipolar

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lari.oliveira's avatar
bro, what a mass sound! The lyrics are full of meaning and the rhythm is beat in just the right measure. It's one of those songs that you don't want to stop listening to, you know? Like an addiction of those good ones! Not to mention that every time I listen, I feel more excited and up. Top too!
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leonardoP's avatar
Man, this song is a vibe! She always makes me feel like I'm on a beach with friends, drinking and listening to music I danced a lot to her sound!
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GiovannaMello81's avatar
a vibe! The instrumental is very well produced and the lyrics are very impactful. You can't help but identify yourself and sing along!
ElisInspiradora's avatar
it's not bad, but it doesn't excite me. Something was missing that would draw attention
TimMaiaGroove's avatar
the lyrics of Coração Bipolar move me because they talk about the indecision and sadness that we often feel in love. The voice and soft melody also contribute to convey this feeling.
fernandinhamachado's avatar
this song can't get out of my head! I love the way Ana Castelo, Matheus & Kauan sing together in this song, it's contagious! Besides, the lyrics speak a lot to my heart!
CamilaRocha's avatar
the song has lyrics that portray a love story full of ups and downs. I really liked the melody and voice. However, I thought there was a lack of variety in the song
LeandroSantos's avatar
you know that song that you can't hold your foot on the ground? Bipolar heart is like that! This dance is too much, it makes you want to dance until dawn. And the lyrics, then? It's pure truth, right? Hearing Matheus & Kauan singing is always too good!
amanda.santos's avatar
Mom thought I was crazy dancing in the room listening to Coração Bipolar, but it's just me enjoying the vibe of this top song too much!
SimoneNascimento's avatar
Too much dough, I'm really enjoying it! It has a unique vibe that makes me want to dance crazy! 🔥🎶
MarianaCardosoRJ's avatar
This song is too top notch, it's already entered the favorites of life
user93597444647's avatar
I love you Ana Castela ❤️😘
user93597444647's avatar
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