Tune in Together

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Y a ti quién te dijo

Que mi corazón y que mis sentimientos

Eran pa jugar

Me encontré contigo, me vieron tus ojos

No hubo vuelta atrás

Ojalá pudiera regresar el tiempo pa no tropezar

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Quien Te Dio Permiso

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Maria Helena de Oliveira
I'm mega in love with this rolita, man! The lyrics are really cool, full of feeling and it really gives me chinita skin when I hear them. The rhythm is great and I can't help but move my skeleton. I've already shared them with my whole band and they know it by heart. It's cool!
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Alícia da Silva
This song is really bad, I would even turn up the volume in the middle of my headphones. The lyrics got in my mouth and I can't take them out, and the rhythm makes me want to dance like crazy. I've passed it on to the whole band for them to listen to.
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Andres Rojas
I love this song I put it on loop and passed it to the band.
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