Tune in Together

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Desde esa noche me dejaste derrotado

No se que hiciste que no me he curado

Ya llevo meses y no te olvidado

Tu me dañaste y lo has aceptado

Hay voy de tonto recordando y nunca paro

Siempre lo mismo solito me daño

Ya que te fuiste como he madurado

Se que es muy tarde no estas a mi lado

Como quisiera tenerte a mi lado

Yo quisiera saber lo que sientes haber

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Melissa da Conceicao's avatar
Melissa da Conceicao
I like how he has managed to create a song that makes you feel like you're in an epic adventure movie. It's a song that makes you feel the excitement and danger of an adventure story.
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Ana Lívia de Mello's avatar
Ana Lívia de Mello
This song makes me travel back in time! It reminds me of a summer night when I was at the beach with friends and the love of my life. always in my memories!
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Lavínia da Cunha's avatar
Lavínia da Cunha
A great song that turns you on at any moment! No matter what your mood, this song always manages to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.
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Ernesto's avatar
What does this song make me think, Kevin Alvarez's ball.
Agustin Valdez's avatar
Agustin Valdez
Very good rhythm, he made me dance!
Isai Chavez's avatar
Isai Chavez
It's decent, it sounds familiar
Thiago Busato's avatar
Thiago Busato
work of art
Yan Boldrini's avatar
Yan Boldrini
Very sticky
Álvaro Mendez's avatar
Álvaro Mendez
very emotional and touching
Carlos Gomez's avatar
Carlos Gomez
I love it! The lyrics are really cool and the rhythm is super fast. I love this song I played it to all my compas 👌.
Gael Amorim's avatar
Gael Amorim
It's a good song to listen to while I cook
Julio Mejia's avatar
Julio Mejia
makes me vibrate, obuen beat!
Benjamin Almeida's avatar
Benjamin Almeida
Very good vibes, makes me move my body
Vicente Brito's avatar
Vicente Brito
It makes me feel as if all of life is contained in
Raul Calimam's avatar
Raul Calimam
I don't like the singer's voice
Ani 💞's avatar
Ani 💞
Epaleeeee razaaaa 🤠
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