Tune in Together

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Sube el volumen a ese corridón

El que habla del morrillo que brilló

Que no creían en él y los calló

Y es que justo así me siento yo

El dedo le levanto al hocicón

Si quería verme mal se la peló

Salí talentoso pa' trabajar

Por eso los billetes nunca faltan pa' gastar

Me gusta la vida buena, por eso le chingo toda la sema

Me mantengo ocupado, poco me meto en problemas

No soy mucho de marcas ni de presumir cadenas

Pero nada me falta en la alacena

En las malas y buenas yo sé con quiénes cuento

Yo creo en mi talento, la vida es un momento

Un beso pa' mis hatters, por ellos no me detengo

Y al igual que mis músculos me encuentro en crecimiento

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Antonella Costa
I love how the production of this song makes use of synthesizers and electronic rhythms to create a futuristic listening experience.
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Theodoro Boldrin's avatar
Theodoro Boldrin
This song has that positive energy that fills you with joy and makes you smile for no apparent reason. It's like a ray of on a gray day.
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Luan Brunelli
I like how the lyrics make me reflect on the importance of friendship and true love. It is a hymn to the deep and meaningful relationships that give meaning to our lives.
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Tall rolon 😎
João Guilherme Bonfim's avatar
João Guilherme Bonfim
What a captivating melody. From the first measure, it transports you to another world. The lyrics are like a whisper to the soul, and the instrumentation is simply perfect, they make you feel in tune with the universe.
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This song is a direct blow to the heart. From the first second, it catches you with its magic. The lyrics are like a captivating tale, and the instrumentation makes you feel as if you were at the concert of your favorite band.
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Pietro Assumpção's avatar
Pietro Assumpção
The instrumentation is like a constantly evolving work of art, where each note and are intertwined to create a unique listening experience.
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Louise de Maia
No shit, fucking rock is really cool! I love how the lyrics are put together and the music makes you move your little body non-stop. I already recommended the song to all my friends to give a good vibe to their day.
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María Jesús Vasquez's avatar
María Jesús Vasquez
This song is the real hit of the planet, it shocks me, enchila me and makes me feel all-powerful. The lyrics are super ad hoc with what happens to me in life, and the rhythm is like eating a taco de carnitas after a party. I have recommended them to all my friends and even my grandmother can sing them.
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