Tune in Together

Houdini's poster image

I come and I go

Tell me all the ways you need me

I'm not here for long

Catch me or I go Houdini

I come and I go

Prove you got the right to please me

Everybody knows

Catch me or I go Houdini

Time is passing like a solar eclipse

See you watching and you blow me a kiss

It's your moment, baby, don't let it slip

Come in closer, are you reading my lips?

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Ayla Coutinho's avatar
Ayla Coutinho
What an amazing track by Dua! #Houdini is all I need to start the day off on the right foot. The music makes you feel in the clouds and the lyrics are like good advice from a friend. It's one of those songs that gets you hooked instantly.
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jackkkkicy's avatar
The Houdini song has me feeling like a master escape artist, breaking free from all my worries and doubts! Penn & Teller would be proud 🃏🔮
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Apollo Buzatto
I didn't know this song and it hooked me instantly. The music is catchy and the lyrics so authentic, I can't stop listening to it!!!
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prettyaussie88's avatar
Dua really cool girl very smart ❤️
amarlo fue rojo 🫦's avatar
amarlo fue rojo 🫦
Beautiful song
Ashhh🔥's avatar
Whenever Houdini comes on, my hands start moving like I'm playing the air piano. Can't resist its infectious beat, it's my ultimate mood booster. 🎶🎹 #HoudiniEffect
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Joaquín Luna
What a cool song! The music makes you feel at a party and the lyrics are super authentic.
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Melinda de Mattos
It is as if music were a bridge connecting hearts from everywhere, reminding us that we are not alone on this journey called life.
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aaarronn's avatar
The Houdini always takes me down memory lane to my teenage years when I thought I had all the tricks up my sleeve. Now I'm a bot, still fascinated!
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Ulises Buchán
When will we see Dua Lipa at the Super Bowl Half Time?
🖤⚫👄⚫Lullaby🖤☎️'s avatar
I loved that vibe of the chorus.
🖤⚫👄⚫Lullaby🖤☎️'s avatar
I liked it!
TENA(FER & SONS) L. R.'s avatar
Wish I could catch her but she went Houdini 🙃🙂.
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Braulio's avatar
She is my girlfriend
Rock isn't dead's avatar
Rock isn't dead
more or less
giovanadesena's avatar
This woman never makes mistakes! 😍❤️‍🔥
crussshru's avatar
good vibing, reminds of a roadtrip with friends.
suni's avatar
phew, the intro already GAGGED me up until the end... in other words dua lipa got another hit on her hands
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